Building Digital Skills

It’s a FREE programme for those looking for work, so If you’re currently unemployed and looking to sharpen up your digital skills to improve your employability prospects, then this course is perfect for you. 

The programme will run from 30/11/2020 until 22/03/2021 and cover topics including: Setting Goals, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Video Creation, Choosing Platforms, SEO & Keywords, Using Analytics, Email Campaigns, Digital Inclusion and LinkedIn CV Building.  

A group session will be run by Zoom every Monday 10.30am to 11.30am and the learning material and projects are available 24/7.  To register your interest contact or call 02476 470382. Course starts on 30th November 2020.

Working to help each other

Thanks to Nick Mauro and his wonderful team at Vale Fresco for donating this massive polytunnel so that the Forest of Hearts can run its Sow and Grow project at Stratford upon Avon hospital to grow food and support people with mental health difficulties and learning disabilities. Thanks also to the hard working team from Siemens at Warwick for planting over 200 trees in the hospital gardens.

Help create a forest garden of well-being

In 2019 we will begin work to create a 5 acre forest garden near to Stratford upon Avon. The special place will be open to all and used for teaching, well-being and outdoor events. We are working with Forest of Hearts, a small environmental charity based near Stratford upon Avon. You can get involved and help to create a lasting green legacy in the heart of England.

New team events in Stratford upon Avon

Are you looking for new types of team building activities? Then have a look at our innovative new events in Stratford upon Avon that deliver real benefits to the planet.


We are working with the Forest of Hearts to deliver bespoke team events which benefit your team and the environment. If you are looking for an event this summer you will enjoy our Bees Needs Charity Challenge.




Doing well. Doing Good. How adi Group do it.

Great to be working with adi Group who showcase success stories which demonstrate over £600,000 as a return on investment since last year’s conference. Ninety innovative, focused and energetic leaders of adi Group report back on their 100 Continuous Improvement initiatives which help this successful Midlands company to continue to grow and thrive. As a means of demonstrating their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, they donate £500 to the Forest of Hearts to help plant 100 trees in this new charity dedicated to creating sustainable agroforestry (Forest Garden) projects. As if that isn’t enough, by succeeding in a One Team challenge, adi Group commit to donating £1980 to the Helping Little Hearts campaign. All is a day’s fun with EventCow! Well done adi Group!!

Event Cow and adi One team




Event Cow and adi One team 6 Event Cow and adi One team 7


Messing about on the river. Networking with Paddle Power

Hop on down to The Frog at Bidford upon Avon for some serious messing about on the river on Monday 14th September from 4.30pm – 6.30pm (drop in anytime). Have a go at our new team building activity, Bell Boating. Proof, if it were needed, that we are all in the same boat. Free networking – lots of laughs and nice cake. What more do you want? We even supply flotation aids. Book now. Call Carole for more info 07774 424404.

New team building activity in Stratford upon Avon

Bellagio Stone – Bringing life to Monday mornings!

Bellagio Leadership Team
Bringing Life to Monday Mornings – Bellagio Stone’s steps to success
The senior team at Warwickshire stone company, Bellagio are on the road to continuing success with structured Monday planning meetings to shape the growth of the company. Enjoying increased sales and a determined approach to constantly improve, the leadership team comprises Rob, Cathy, Mike, Mark and Ben. Using support from Carole Longden and GrowthAccelerator, the team are now making plans for investment in new machinery, premises and staff to meet the increasing demand on their services.
Cathy Wilkinson comments, “When we originally signed up for the Growth Accelerator scheme, we were somewhat dubious as to the value it would give to our business.  As three busy directors of a fast growing company, we wondered if our time spent in meetings of this nature could be better spent elsewhere.  From our first contact with Carole throughout this whole process, this has not been the case.  She has helped us to focus our strategy / communication planning and assisted us in defining our long term goals.  We have learnt small but crucial and obvious skills in our approach and feel that we are operating far better both as ‘bosses’ and as part of our close knit team.  Carole is organised, patient and approachable and we would thoroughly recommend her services to any businesses in a similar position to ours.”

Sustainability team building activities for Eco Events

How fast can you make your own smoothie using only pedal power! Event Cow’s Village Bike is seen here at Wootton Park at an event organised by Trident Hospitality. Now you can hire the bike for your own Eco Event.



Event Cow – team building on the mooove with zero emissions

Event Cow moooves from venue to venue making zero emissions in our all-electric Nissan van. Thanks to the lovely people from Greenwatt and the Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project for helping us to run our team building events with as small a carbon footprint (or tyre tread) as we can.

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Team building for charity – adi Group enjoy an Alternative Village Fete

A fantastic £1500 is raised for Heart Research UK as Longden’s new team building company, EventCow delivers “Aldo’s Alternative Village Fete” at the National Motorcycle Museum. Here are some of the highlights:

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