Bellagio Stone – Bringing life to Monday mornings!

Bellagio Leadership Team
Bringing Life to Monday Mornings – Bellagio Stone’s steps to success
The senior team at Warwickshire stone company, Bellagio are on the road to continuing success with structured Monday planning meetings to shape the growth of the company. Enjoying increased sales and a determined approach to constantly improve, the leadership team comprises Rob, Cathy, Mike, Mark and Ben. Using support from Carole Longden and GrowthAccelerator, the team are now making plans for investment in new machinery, premises and staff to meet the increasing demand on their services.
Cathy Wilkinson comments, “When we originally signed up for the Growth Accelerator scheme, we were somewhat dubious as to the value it would give to our business.  As three busy directors of a fast growing company, we wondered if our time spent in meetings of this nature could be better spent elsewhere.  From our first contact with Carole throughout this whole process, this has not been the case.  She has helped us to focus our strategy / communication planning and assisted us in defining our long term goals.  We have learnt small but crucial and obvious skills in our approach and feel that we are operating far better both as ‘bosses’ and as part of our close knit team.  Carole is organised, patient and approachable and we would thoroughly recommend her services to any businesses in a similar position to ours.”

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