Leadership development

Longden develops leaders to create a vision, build teams and inspire change which delivers the best results.  We create innovative and bespoke development programmes which can be accredited through The Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM). Accreditation is highly valued by our clients as a tangible form of recognition and reward.  The work based assignments are tailored to deliver maximum impact for leaders, teams and  organisations. “You can learn onsite, off site and/or online with Longden – the choice is yours”


Highly motivated teams that work well together can be be built quicker and more effectively when they attend a Longden team event designed to meet their specific needs. For an event that combines business purposes along with a fast moving, fun, motivating and memorable experience visit our team building site Teams that work to a common purpose and use the skills and strengths of each individual can achieve greater results faster and more easily. A teambuild event from Longden accelerates the stages of team formation and can be used very effectively at any stage of a change programme.

Managing Change

Longden has a track record over 25 years of working with companies to bring about change through innovative and bespoke learning which increases confidence and competence. We believe that you should have the options made available and then choose the learning methods which will bring about the best results according to your needs and circumstances. Contact or call 07774 424404 to discuss how a blended learning programme can bring you measurable results.

Digital Skills

A *free programme of online learning and work based and/or volunteering projects with local charities to build your digital marketing skills,  increase confidence and improve employment prospects.

The group sessions will be run by Zoom every Monday 10.30am to 11.30am and the learning content and projects are available 24/7 on To register your interest call 07774 424404 or contact

Longden 7 A Approach

Using the Longden 7 A Approach

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