Longden’s aim is to develop leaders, build teams and inspire change.  We help sustain business improvement, culture change and innovation in organisations by motivating and skilling people to make change that delivers a measurable return on investment. We use a blend of bespoke, memorable and innovative training and team events. We provide leadership qualifications accredited through The Institute for Leadership and Management. We also assist organisations to meet Corporate Social Responsibility goals through employee engagement, volunteering and team building linked to charitable causes, which yields improvements to the company bottom line and increases staff satisfaction. Find out about our work with The Forest of Hearts.

Team building events for people and planet to profit       Forest of Hearts           

What we do

  • Drive business improvement, culture change and innovation in organisations
  • Build teamworking, creative and communication skills as part of every programme
  • Develop and accredit the confidence and competence of your people
  • Implement bespoke, blended learning programmes, with 24/7 access to learning
  • Deliver bottom line benefits through better motivated teams and individuals.
  • Provide an outsourced training function, accreditation process and Virtual Learning Environment
  • Use an integrated and flexible approach to achieve organisational and personal growth
  • Facilitate blended learning which is practical, effective, relevant and enjoyable

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