Highly motivated teams that work well together can be be built quicker and more effectively when they attend a Longden team event designed to meet their specific needs. For an event that combines business purposes along with a fast moving, fun, motivating and memorable experience visit our new team building site Teams that work to a common purpose and use the skills and strengths of each individual can achieve greater results faster and more easily. A teambuild event from Longden accelerates the stages of team formation and can be used very effectively at any stage of a change programme.

  • Longden ‘s experience and a 20 year track record in creating bespoke events that add value to your organisation and meet your defined purpose.
  • Longden Events is run by highly enthusiastic people who are focused on meeting your needs and guaranteeing an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • We are passionate about designing and delivering team experiences that are fun, motivating and deliver measurable performance improvement and real business benefits.
  • Our commitment to running sustainable events where we understand and monitor the effects that our activities have on the environment, on society and the planet.
  • Longden project manages the details to ensure that your event is as enjoyable and energising as it possibly can be and meets your detailed needs and constraints.
  • As part of our commitment to “giving something back”, we work in close partnership with local charities, specialist providers and unique venues to create a memorable experience.
  • Our background is in performance improvement and competence development and this means that we will recommend the best process to achieve your outcomes.

Teambuilding and Tree Planting in The Forest of Hearts

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