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Plant trees, build teams, leave a lasting legacy

We were out in The Heart of England Forest this week planting trees, then enjoyed bacon sarnies to round off the morning at Studley Castle – what a great way to build teams and demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR and tree planting in The Heart of England Forest

The Phoenix Group is enthusiastic about the business benefits of tree planting, “The Heart of England Forest provides a perfect biodiverse playground for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the local environment, employee engagement, supporting school visits, and generally improving peoples’ wellbeing and fitness. It also provides a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

Lucy Symonds, Phoenix CR Manager said, “By planting trees in The Heart of England Forest we feel  it  is important that we are doing something tangible in our local area, which isn’t just a token gesture.  We have sponsored a large area of woodland which we can visit and we can feature as part of our CSR commitment. It’s great to know that we are helping to create England’s largest native broadleaf forest and that this will be a thriving wildlife woodland in the Warwickshire countryside. The Phoenix Way wood is planted with oak, alder, aspen, hazel and birch.”

Join The Phoenix Group at The UK CSR Showcase on 11th February 2014 at Ragley Hall for more ideas about how you can support the environment in your local area and leave a lasting legacy. Contact for more information about tree planting and team building.

CSR and tree planting in The Heart of England Forest 2  CSR and tree planting in The Heart of England Forest 4 CSR and tree planting in The Heart of England Forest 5

Grow your network at Studley Castle 28th November 5-8pm

Join Longden at the newly renovated conference centre at Studley Castle for an informal and enjoyable evening of networking, eating, drinking and business support.    Book your free place here
Grow your network at Studley Castle 28 Nov 5pm, hot buffet...    Longden    GrowthAccelerator   Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship
5.00pm    Registration, refreshments and networking
5.30pm    Welcome from Studley Castle from Debbie Thompson
5.40pm    Business support and GrowthAccelerator with Sharn Haywood-Higgs
5.50pm Collaborate to Innovate – Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship & Louise Marjoram
6.00pm    Federation of Small Businesses – Steev Ellson, Chair of Stratford upon Avon branch
6.10pm    Rotary Club of Alcester Alauna- Presentation to Parkinson’s UK by Sue Matthewman
6.20pm    Summary and next steps, Carole Longden, Longden & The Heart of England Forest
6.30pm    Fine food and wine, networking, 1-1s with speakers, tours of Studley Castle
7.45pm    Grand Prize Draw
8.00pm    Finish
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