Paul Morris, Director

Salus Approved Inspectors 




I feel sure that the training given by Longdens has contributed to our continued success and has assisted Salus growing staff numbers by 25% during a period of recession which is even more remarkable when you consider that construction is traditionally one of the harder hit industries during challenging times. I would have no reservations about recommending the services that Carole provides as they have given managers a better understanding of effective methods that can be used for best results and our staff have seen the benefits of teamwork in action not only within offices but inter office assistance through our nine regional bases.
Tracy Murphy, CEO Relate Coventry & Warwickshire





We have all benefited as a management team from Carole’s expertise in facilitation and her sound knowledge on planning and project management. Carole has been flexible and approachable and always willing to offer additional support as and when required. As a charity we have always valued the work that Carole has delivered. Her style is open and inclusive, giving everyone the opportunity to learn in a welcoming and friendly environment. I would not hesitate in recommending Carole as a provider of Leadership Development programmes.
Simon Coombe Director

Three Ways House Hotel











Carole assisted the company directors in identifying how changing their responsibilities would be most beneficial to the future structure and profitability of the businesses. She acted as a catalyst and mentor to help them manage this process.Carole also provided mentoring to the hotel management team to help them develop their skills to manage the hotel on a day to day basis, giving the hotel director the time to strategically manage the business and further develop profitability.

  • The directors have a very clear mission to further develop the Pudding Club and Hotel businesses.
  • Each director has clarity in decision making and responsibility.
  • The hotel management team have clarity in their responsibilities and the decision making process.
  • The hotel business has become more profitable.
  • The Pudding Club business is progressing not stagnating.
  • Hotel standards have improved with more positive customer feedback.

Carole provided impartial advice, and acted as a catalyst to help the change process along with excellent mentoring for the directors and management team.


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