Aggregation of marginal gains. 1% margin for improvement in everything.

Well done to Yorkshire where the Tour de France will begin today thanks to the aggregation of marginal gains. Gary Verity, the visionary behind the winning bid for Yorkshire to host this event describes how the concept of the aggregation of marginal gains helped them to secure success.

Dave Brailsford, the coach behind the success of the British Cycling team initially coined the phrase ‘performance by the aggregation of marginal gains,’. He says “It means taking the 1% from everything you do; finding a 1% margin for improvement in everything you do. That’s what we try to do from the mechanics upwards.
“If a mechanic sticks a tyre on, and someone comes along and says it could be done better, it’s not an insult – it’s because we are always striving for improvement, for those 1% gains, in absolutely every single thing we do.”
Seems like a simple and effective way of thinking for any leader.
See,27290,17547_5792058,00.html for more information.

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