Shakespeare’s Secret discovered in Stratford-upon-Avon!

A group of 32 high flying young people from Kuwait have a fun with a fast introduction to Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon with Longden whilst supporting The Buzz Arts & Community Centre – a local charity, by meeting there for lunch.

Stratford upon avon teambuild 3

Organised by Longden Events, the group race around Stratford on a beautiful summer’s day gaining clues at 10 lovely locations. The answers to the questions give the opportunity to discover the long lost Shakespeare’s Secret Treatment, which restores health and well-being to the world. What a great way to build teams, learn something new and have fun!

Stratford upon avon teambuild 2

Carole Longden comments, “Stratford-upon-Avon is the perfect playground for teambuilding events, as the teams enjoy the mix of fun, history, exercise, lovely locations, friendly people, shopping and they can give something back by enjoying a delicious lunch at The Buzz Arts & Community Centre – Stratford’s social enterprise and amazing charity venue.”

Stratford upon avon teambuild 1

The teams enjoy the costume exhibitions and dressing up area in The Ferguson Room at The Swan Theatre of The RSC.

DSCF3535  Stratford upon Avon Teambuilding 5

The teams delight tourists with magnificent performances of Shakespeare’s bset known plays.

Stratford upon avon teambuild 6

The insult chair in The RSC is full of surprises!

Stratford upon avon teambuild 7      Stratford upon avon teambuild 8

Shakespeare does not reveal his secret to this group, but what a great photo!

Stratford upon avon teambuild 9  Stratford upon avon teambuild 10 Stratford upon avon teambuild 11

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